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Tartarini Auto LPG SystemsThe LPG SEQUENTIAL system is an electronically controlled gas feeding system that can be installed in all vehicles with sequential injection system. The system is a Multipoint sequential one and is controlled by an ecu that controls the gas injection sequence and the timing. The gas is injected through the rails of injectors directly into the suction pipes thus obtaining a particularly precise mix to optimise the combustion process. The gas injection timing is obtained by exploiting the petrol injection timing of the original cpu of the vehicle.This system offers the following benefits:

  1. Compatibility with vehicles equipped with OBD systems
  2. Optimisation of fuel consumption
  3. Reduction in exhaust pollution substances
  4. Optimisation of vehicle driving conditions
  5. Installation simplicity
  6. Auto-calibration with vehicle in neutral
  7. Auto-diagnosis
  8. Pre-arrangement for self-adaptation

The LPG regulator-vaporizer is the single-stage type with diaphragm and is compensated by the vacuum of the suction manifold. It is designed to ensure a higher output pressure than the pressure inside the suction pipes of the engine. The engine coolant flows inside the regulator-vaporizer so that the LPG is completely vaporized. A solenoid valve complete with filter is fitted on the inlet of the regulator. A temperature sensor and a safety valve are fitted on the regulator casing.

The SEQUENTIAL ecu is connected in parallel to the original petrol cpu. The petrol injection timing and engine rpm signals are processed by the sequential ecu and transformed into electric signals to command the injectors on the rails, thus optimising the driving conditions and fuel consumption levels of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been converted, the installer simply connects a PC and executes the initial set-up of the basic parameters. If the dedicated map for the vehicle being converted is not available in the “data base”, the installer can still create the map for that vehicle simply by entering the parameters relative to the engine specifications. The ecu also offers other functions, such as: - It is pre-arranged for most level sensors sold in Italy and abroad. - It is pre-arranged to read all types of lambda probes. - It is pre-arranged to switch the system back to petrol automatically if there should be any anomalies in the system or if the gas runs out (the switch starts to buzz).- It is pre-arranged to analyse the anomalies recorded and to diagnose the ecu itself. -It records the time the vehicle runs on gas and records any possible anomalies encountered (these are reset when the vehicle is serviced).

The rail sequentially dispenses the gas to each cylinder. This function is performed by separate and absolutely independent injectors, which receive the electric signal from the ecu. This signal enables the system to calibrate the amount of gas that is injected in just the cylinder in the suction phase and it also controls the cut-off function.

This very small electronic module is installed inside the vehicle compartment in a handy position for the driver. Thanks to its very small size it can be fitted in the place of an empty switch on the dashboard or a hole can be punched for it on the dashboard using a hot punch. The switch unit has the following functions: - It acts as a 2-position gas/petrol selector switch and indicates the fuel in use by means of two LED’s: A yellow one is lit when running on gas and a red one is lit when running on petrol. - It displays the amount of gas in the tank/cylinder by means of five LED’s: four green ones (1/4; 1/2; 3/4 and 4/4) and a red one for reserve. - It informs the driver on any anomalies encountered in the Etagas system by means of the red petrol LED that starts to flash.

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The Etagas system is an electronically controlled gas fuelling system that can be installed on all injection vehicles equipped with closed-loop type control system. Compared to the “conventional” LPG systems, the gas is injected very near the in-take valves and therefore there is no longer any risk of backfiring. The gas sent from the cylinder flows through the regulator-vaporizer and supplies the distributor that establishes its flow rate towards the injectors fitted near the petrol electro-injectors. The processor of the Etagas system processes the following signals to control the fuel setting correctly.

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Tartarini also produce conversion kits for conventional engines. The Tech 97/99 is a basic single point system with lambda control of LPG, delivery via a stepper motor, good component build and general reliability. Reliable AEB electronics control these systems. Uses a gas mixer to introduce LPG to the intake upstream of the throttle. Considered suitable for vehicles between 3 and 5 years old. On certain vehicles, dependant on inlet manifold design, the system can suffer with induction backfires, and as such is best not fitted to vehicles with plastic inlet manifolds.


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To find out which LPG system is recommended for your vehicle, please speak to John at Central Garage.

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