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Vehicle manufacturers are now beginning to deliver a dual fuel alternative to Petrol and Diesel. For example, Rover now have a range of LPG installation kits specifically for Rover and MG vehicles. Other manufacturers are soon to join them.



MG Rover Group is committed to being among the leaders in automotive development and, in anticipation of the rapidly growing popularity of LPG, have developed an LPG conversion for all Rover and MG models (except TF), including their 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 (naturally aspirated) and 2.5 V6 K Series engines.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is a mixture of Propane and Butane that comes from oil refining and natural gas fields. It is a cleaner fuel than petrol because it contains less CO2, fewer oxides of nitrogen, fewer hydrocarbons and a lower level of contaminants such as sulphur.

But LPG not only offers the motorist a cleaner fuel it offers a more cost-effective one too - mainly because of the lower duty imposed by the government.

ROVER 75 LPG CONVERSIONThe significant savings, backed by government incentives, and the increasing pressure to control emission levels have fueled LPG's remarkable growth. There are already around 1,400 LPG filling stations in the UK - and the number is growing daily.


MG Rover has developed their unique LPG conversions, in partnership with EcoGas Systems Ltd, sole distributor of Landi Renzo - one of the world's leading producers of natural gas and LPG control systems for automobiles. Backed by years of research, Landi Renzo are continually developing new projects and components that can be used to create increasingly advanced and eco-friendly fuel supply systems. Initially, the conversions produced for MG Rover will be available for manual cars powered by their 1.8 and 2.5 V6 K Series engines.


ROVER 25 LPG CONVERSIONThe award-winning K series engines are well known for their superb mid-range acceleration, top-end performance and vigorous pull throughout the torque range. The LPG conversion simply adds exceptional economy and low emissions to these qualities.

ROVER 45 LPG CONVERSIONThe LPG conversion will be available on manual cars powered by the 1.8i and 2.5 V6 engines, which includes the Rover 25, Rover 45 five door and saloon, and the Rover 75 saloon and tourer. Converted cars will be able to switch between petrol and gas at the touch of a button.

MG Rover Model Availability

For an idea of Rover Model availability, please click here for information

Costs & Benefits

The total cost of conversion for all eligible MG or Rover vehicles ranges from £2,150 to £3255 inc VAT, dependant upon derivative. But the average motorist will immediately cut fuel costs substantially. And companies with large fleets that decide to have their own fuel supply can save even more.

What's more, the Government has introduced several measures to encourage the switch to more environmentally friendly methods of travel.

For a start, they are giving Powershift Grants administered by the Energy Saving Trust that will cover up to 60% of the cost of conversion to LPG. (To find out more about these, visit www.powershift.org.uk). Note: Grants are not available retrospectively and must be applied for in advance of making a vehicle purchase.


ROVER 75 TOURER LPG CONVERSIONThe installation of a LPG fuel system in a Rover car will only delay the vehicle delivery by 1 to 2 days and where available will be installed by their dealer installation team. However, Central Garage (Carcroft) is one of only 11 Approved Installers in the UK who are authorised to install Landi Renzo LPG systems on Rover cars.

This installation can be done before or after delivery at you convenience.

Further Information

Rover have kindly allowed us to reproduce their LPG Dual Fuel Brochure in our web site and we have made it available for you to download in PDF Format. You may be asked whether you want to save or open the file, or it may open automatically in a new browser window.

To view the brochure please click here:
PDF DocumentRover LPG Dual Fuel Brochure (size 1487KB) - updated 01/02/2005
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Visit the Rover / MG web site

For details specific to your Rover vehicle, or to arrange installation, please call John at Central Garage

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