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LANDIRENZO's OMEGAS multipoint sequential injection system represents a new generation of bi-fuel (gasoline - lpg) gaseous LPG conversion system. Suitable for vehicles with Sequential Petrol Injection with Lambda and Catalyst.

Is your vehicle on this list?

The principle used by the LPG ECU to calculate the injection timing applied to the LPG injectors, is based on the acquisition of the gasoline injection timing by LPG ECU during LPG mode. The engine management is, therefore, mainly left to the gasoline ECU whilst the LPG control unit translates gasoline actuations into an appropriate control for LPG injectors.

In order to maintain the coherence with the gasoline system, the LPG ECU drives LPG injectors in the same sequence as gasoline injectors. Roughly, the LPG ECU converts an amount of energy that should be actuated by the gasoline into an equivalent amount of energy that LPG has to release in order to compensate the differences between two fuels.

LANDIRENZO OMEGAS can use different types of injectors according to the specifications of the application.

LANDIRENZO OMEGAS is minimally invasive with respect to the original gasoline engine management system. It is able to be easily integrated with the main engine management functions as mixture control, cut off, EGR, purge canister, etc and auxiliaries engine management functions as air-conditioning, power-steering, electric loads, etc.

The LPG ECU is able to calculate LPG injection timing using specific information as LPG injector rail pressure, LPG temperature, engine coolant temperature, engine RPM and battery voltage, in addition to the inputs of the gasoline ECU.

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The IGSystem has been designed and developed to integrate with the most recent petrol injection systems. Suitable for vehicles with Multi-Point Injection with Lambda and Catalyst.

Here is a list of vehicles successfully converted on IGS.

The IGSystem enables the conversion of a continuous gaseous LPG injection in petrol injection engines that are provided with lambda sensor (oxygen sensor) and three-way catalytic converter.

The fuel coming from the tank goes through the reducer-vaporizer that controls pressure and temperature, and enters the proportioner. The proportioner establishes the flow of the fuel towards the fuel distributor in function of the commands from the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The fuel distributor, while apportioning the gas flow in each single conduit of the intake manifold, maintains a constant pressure downstream of the proportioner.

Since the system is compensated, it follows that the proportioner's fuel supply pressure increases with the engine's load, while maintaining a constant pressure downstream of the proportioner. This increases the response speed during transience.

The mapping is bi-dimensional, while the information pertinent to Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) and RPM is used to establish the amount of fuel that must be injected for the best performance and emissions results. The microprocessor modulates the amount of gas in function of driving conditions so that performance and emissions are constant even in different environmental conditions and with fuel composition changes.

The microprocessor takes into account the engine's deterioration and automatically corrects the fuel's reference parameters.

The fuel management is further refined by other functions: such as oxygen sensor management strategies, fuel enrichment in acceleration transients, and fuel cut-off in deceleration.

The IGSystem's ECU also controls other corollary functions of the system, such as fuel level indicator, fuel switchover, RPM governor, and ignition system-triggered fuel solenoid valves' safety shut-off.

Interaction with the ECU can be achieved by means of a serial interface with a PC or a scanner. This is possible for diagnostic purposes, as well as during the first start-up after the completion of the conversion, when the data files pertinent to the vehicle that is being converted are uploaded from the PC into the ECU. For diagnostics a check can be made for proper operation of the sensors and the pressure/vaporizer, while assessing the quality of carburetion.

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Visit the Landirenzo website

Visit EcoGas Systems - Sole UK distributor of Landirenzo vehicle conversion kits - As used by MG ROVER.

To find out which LPG system is recommended for your vehicle, please speak to John at Central Garage.

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